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amazon com architectural detailing function - the industry standard guide to designing well performing buildings architectural detailing systematically describes the principles by which good architectural details are designed principles are explained in brief and backed by extensive illustrations that show you how to design details that will not leak water or air will control the flow of heat and water vapor will adjust to all kinds, architectural design values wikipedia - architectural design values make up an important part of what influences architects and designers when they make their design decisions however architects and designers are not always influenced by the same values and intentions value and intentions differ between different architectural movements it also differs between different schools of architecture and schools of design as well as, architecture definition techniques theory - the most impressive monuments are the great st pa s some of gigantic size and considerable antiquity but often reconstructed in the course of the centuries they generally have a triple circular base and as in early indian st pa s a hemispherical dome with a miniature railing use the types of architecture are established not by architects but by society according to the needs of its, architecture wbdg whole building design guide - the modern profession of architecture echoes with its origins its rich history and the fast paced changes of the 21st century through antiquity architecture and construction were united by the cultural intentions of a master builder who balanced art science materials form style and craft to achieve his vision the regulated profession of architecture is relatively new, american architecture origins history characteristics - modernist architecture in america c 1925 60 a late feature of modern art in general modernist architecture was the attempt to create new designs for the modern man it rejected all traditional styles based on older prototypes and proposed a new type of functional design which used modern materials and construction techniques to create a new aesthetic and sense of space, architecture history evolution of building design - roman architecture unlike the more creative and intellectual greeks the romans were essentially practical people with a flair for engineering construction and military matters, architecture theory of architecture britannica com - architecture theory of architecture the term theory of architecture was originally simply the accepted translation of the latin term ratiocinatio as used by vitruvius a roman architect engineer of the 1st century ce to differentiate intellectual from practical knowledge in architectural education but it has come to signify the total basis for judging the merits of buildings or building, harvard graduate school of design - harvard gsd selects herzog de meuron beyer blinder belle for transformative expansion of school s gund hall project designed to advance school s commitment to cross disciplinary collaboration and innovation harvard university graduate school of design, dark roasted blend totalitarian architecture of the third - dark roasted blend all kinds of weird and wonderful things discovered daily drb is a top ranked and respected source for the best in art travel and fascinating technology with a highly visual presentation, purple cherry architects about - purple cherry architects is an award winning residential architecture and interior design firm based in annapolis md and charlottesville va specializing in high end designs and custom waterfront homes